Without Crane Technology

Speed Team offers alternative lifting services to exchange gearboxes, generators, and blades using a without crane technology (Special Technology). This technology is designed to increase efficiency and save cost for clients in the onshore wind turbine maintenance market, by creating opportunities to replace gearboxes from wind turbines without the need for large cranes. This new technology is not only swift, efficient, and reliable; it is intended to lower O&M costs, reduce ground preparation requirements, and increase the working window for these types of maintenance activities by allowing safe operation in wind speeds up to 12 meters per second and our tools are easily transportation to the location in this technology and technology cost only 40% of doing the operation compare with crane.

Without Crane Technology Milestone










Our triumphs
1. Generator Substitution
2. Gear Box Substitution
3. Blade Substitution
4. Rotor Substitution